The name Globalavida was derived from the words global (English: meaning the whole of something) and vida (Spanish: meaning life). The name is a reflection of our philosophy of living: having a healthy mind, body, emotions, and spirit fills a body with life and vigor. Our mission is to provide life-enhancing information to individuals, families, and communities through our online services. Our future sites will include:

1. Dinner A Day.com. Healthy, affordable, fast and easy dinners for everyday living.
2. Cultural Cuisines.com. Incorporating spices and foods from around the world into tasty and interesting recipes.
3. The Boxed Lunch.com. Convenient, healthy foods for people on the go.
4. Food 4 Taught.com. Teaching children about the world through cooking. Incorporating math, science,
geography, and cultural awareness into food preparations.

Linda Planning/Owner of Globalavida, LLC
B.S: Nutrition Science
Magna Cum Laude, Kaplan University

My passion for healthy eating began when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. Overwhelmed with the news, I realized that every food item I consumed was going to either nurture and grow, or harm, the little being within me. I also realized that even after giving birth I would still have to provide nourishment for my growing family. I wanted my children to learn how to live life to its fullest through living a healthy lifestyle. Never had I felt so unprepared for such a significant responsibility.

From that moment forward I tried to educate myself on proper nutrition, healthy eating, and learning how to cook. I read every “health” book I could get my hands on and stayed current with nutrition and dietary trends. I experimented with ethnic cuisines to incorporate new spices and add adventure to our meals. No matter where life took me or where I lived, tending a vegetable garden with my children was a must – today they have many great memories and a love for garden-fresh veggies as a result. My passion and love for cooking grew with my children and my gardens. I’ve learned how to create meals that taste good, are healthy, satisfying, and within budget. The school of life had taught me well; I managed to raise two healthy children into adulthood. After 23 years of nurturing, nourishing, cooking, and growing my test subjects moved out on me. Fortunately, my passions didn’t leave with them. After contemplating the next stage of my life I decided to extend my love of all-things-food by sharing my
knowledge with others. In order to do that it seemed appropriate to validate my knowledge with a formal education.

In 2012, with the encouragement and support of my loving husband and family, I went back to school and earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition Science. Now, armed with the science behind human nutrition, food production, and cooking methods my knowledge is completed and I am ready to share. I am ready to help you live your life to its fullest!