Nutrition Services Offered

Nutrition Assessment – $90 (per person)

60-minute counseling session to determine excessive or deficient essential-nutrient intake. Read more...

A typical dietary assessment begins with the client recording all food and beverages consumed for 3-5 days in a food diary. Food preferences, likes, dislikes, in tolerances, allergies, prescription drug interactions, etc., will be included in the diary.  Data from the diary will be loaded into a nutrient calculator which will reveal excessive and deficient nutrients.  If desired, a tutorial on how to obtain and use a nutrient calculator will be provided. Nutrition intake, shopping habits, cooking habits, medical history, life style factors, and health goals are also considered when recommendations are presented during counseling session. This assessment can be geared toward athletic improvements, weight loss, pre/post-natal nutrition, children, elderly, families, and general preventative nutritional support.

Grocery Shopping Education – $90

60-minute educational session to turn nutrition goals into action. Read more...

This session takes place outside of the grocery store and you are given a virtual tour.  Understanding marketing jargon on food items, learning how to read labels, navigate isles, select fresh produce, and still stay within budget are all important when striving to reach nutrition goals.  Knowing which foods are fine to eat frozen or canned, which foods are fortified, and when organic foods are the best choice can help you save money and even reduce waste.  Where, when, and with whom you shop can also influence nutrition goals and either hinder or help your progress.  Online, in-store, and click-and-collect options are reviewed and an individual shopping plan will be put in place.

Help for Picky Eaters – $90 

60-minute counseling session to help picky eaters meet their daily nutritional requirements. Read more...

 Picky eaters often have unknown reasons for their pickiness.  Some people have more taste-buds than others and are considered “super tasters” because of their extreme sensitivity to certain flavors.  Other people may have developed bad eating habit early in life that they maintain into adulthood.  Children are notoriously picky eaters too.  No matter the age or the reason, there are many techniques and approaches to help picky eaters attain their nutritional requirements within the bounds of personal preferences.

Cooking Basics – $90

60-minute educational session presenting the basics of home cooking. Read more...

 This is a very basic tutorial on pots, pans, utensils, techniques, and following recipes.  There are many methods of cooking using dry or wet heat.  There are many knives available for chopping, slicing, and dicing.  Knowing which tools and techniques to use for the best outcome will help any new chef create nutritious meals at home.  Other topics covered are measuring, kitchen hygiene, food safety, cooking surfaces, prep surfaces, how to identify quality recipes, and use of helpful small appliances.

Recipe Creation/One Day Meal Plan – $90

Meal plan is per one nutritionally balanced day (includes breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner). Read more...

 Custom recipes created based on personal preferences, dietary constraints, nutritional requirements, cooking abilities, and within your budget.  After assessing your likes, dislikes, personal preferences, and style of eating we will create a full day’s worth of recipes completely individualized to suit your specific nutrition needs. Time constraints, cooking ability/desire, and shopping habits are all factored in before designing your personal recipes.  Each day’s worth of recipes will satisfy the Recommended Daily Allowance for macro and micro nutrients.

Recipe Analysis – $10 (per recipe)

Detailed nutritional analysis of your favorite recipe.

 Each recipe will be analyzed in a nutrition calculator to assess total nutrition including calories, fat, fiber, macro, and micro nutrients.  Healthy changes to the recipe will be recommended, if desired.

All follow up visits – $40   

30-minute follow up sessions for any of our other initial services. Read more...

 If the initial visit wasn’t quite enough to keep you on track we are happy to continue helping you achieve your goals.

General Nutrition Education – $150

  • Lectures are available for groups and for individuals.
  • Call 262-443-0859 for group pricing.
  • Lectures are 60-90 minutes with time for questions at the end.
  • Lectures are available on a variety of topics including general nutrition, nutrition for children, the elderly, pre/post natal nutrition needs, endurance training, and many others.

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​Globalavida’s nutritionist, Linda Planning, is NOT a Registered Dietitian and does not provide nutrition therapy.  Consultation services do not include diagnosis or treatment of disorders or illnesses.  If you suspect you may have a disorder, illness, or ailment it is recommended you visit a licensed medical physician and a registered dietitian before contacting us.  Linda Planning is a nutritionist who provides basic nutrition consultation and education focused on wellness and prevention through healthy eating and healthy living.